Portrait of Visual Artist Lina Ekstrand. Photographed by ......., 2021.
Lina Ekstrand is a Visual Artist based in Sweden. Her work allies traditional handmade techniques with technical skills. She has been making pictures for almost 20 years with a wide range of clients worldwide, and her illustrations in pencil and watercolor conjure up a world where playfulness and imagination are interwoven in layer upon layer.

Selected clients are Mykita, ELLE Magazine, Pernod Ricard, Rörstrand, IKEA, Aussie, Oriflame, Pandora, Dibbern, Åhléns, DN, and many more.
Agent Molly & Co: Johanna@agentmolly.com 
Wildfox running: info@wildfoxrunning.com 
Contact: ekstrandlina@gmail.com